I started Conifer Coffee out of a little room in a basement. Back then it resembled more a private kitchen than an industrial roastery. As such, the early name of the company was Göteborgs Köksrosteri, literally "Gothenburg Kitchen Roastery" in Swedish. From these humble beginnings, the company grew into more spacious facilities, and even a new name: Conifer Coffee. 

Conifers to me symbolize serenity, longevity and sustainability, while also being the very symbol of the endless Northern woods that I love and get my everyday inspiration from. Those woods basically begin just across the street from the roastery, as well as from my own backyard. Thousands of kilometres of, well, conifers, stretching all the way up to the Arctic Ocean. When we open up the big doors of the roastery to the woods, we like to think that we somehow bring a bit of the magic and spirit of those woods into our coffee. You probably can't taste it, but we guarantee you'll hear a little cry of the wilderness when you drink our coffee. That cry is the woods, and the mountains, calling. And as old John Muir said - you must go!

Come with us!

Benny, founder of Conifer Coffee


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