Go make yourself a good cup

Making a good cup of coffee is easy. That sentence alone sets us in opposition against the rest of the specialty coffee industry, but it really isn't that hard. You don't need loads of fancy gear. Just remember these three things + never don't go with high quality beans and we promise it'll be good:) 



With freshness, we refer to fresh ground coffee. This means you need a coffee grinder. We firmly believe focus should be on the coffee rather than on the machinery, but without a grinder you won't get fresh coffee. Good news is, for pour-over coffee, Chemex or Aeropress (which are the best ways to brew coffee anyway), you don't need a super fancy grinder. Even the cheapest supermarket variant is better than nothing.

60 g/liter

This is an important part. Many folks brew their coffee too strong, resulting in a bitter cup. Opposed to popular wisdom, you don't get a more "tasty" or even "strong" cup of coffee by overdosing. You only get a more bitter coffee. In fact, if you want to bring out the most taste of your coffee, we strongly recommend you stick to the golden cup rule of using 60 grams of coffee per liter water. That ratio, science tells us, is the sweet spot where you maximise the number of taste notes in your cup. 

96° C

Use water just off the boil. Never use boiling water - it kills off the most delicate taste notes of the coffee and leaves you with a flat taste. On the other hand, too cold water won't be able to extract much out of the coffee beans either, leaving you with a cup of, well, water. But don't overdo it - just bring your water to the boil and wait a minute or two before pouring over.