Biftu Gudina, Ethiopia

Pink pineapple.png
Pink pineapple.png

Biftu Gudina, Ethiopia


Since its establishment 2012, the Biftu Gudina cooperative has become one of the most sought after producer of high end coffee. The 2018 harvest is no exception, delivering a rich and complex taste in your cup.

  • Treatment: Wet processed

  • Grower: Various small scale farms within the Biftu Gudina cooperative

  • Cupping score: 89,5

  • Altitude: 1800-2100 masl

  • Region: Jimma, Western Ethiopia

  • Roast profile: Light roast

  • Varieties: Heirloom varieties

  • Taste notes: Lime, syrup, red fruits. If you can imagine how a pink pineapple tastes, this is it.

  • 250 gram

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