Gedeb Asasa, Ethiopia

Juicy passionfruit framsida.png
Juicy passionfruit framsida.png

Gedeb Asasa, Ethiopia


From one of the leading coffee producers in one of the leading coffee growing regions in this world: We proudly give you the 2018 Gedeb Asasa from Yirgacheffe. You know this is a good one. 90,2 points in the cupping score and we promise you, loads of sparkling freshness in the cup. Get it while it lasts!

  • Treatment: Wet processed

  • Grower: Various small scale farms around the Gedeb Asasa washing station

  • Cupping score: 90,2

  • Altitude: 1900 masl +

  • Region: Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

  • Roast profile: Light roast

  • Varieties: Heirloom varieties

  • Taste notes: Jasmin, honey, lime. And loads of fruity passionfruit, we like to think.

  • 250 gram

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